52 pre 911 warnings of an impending terrorist attack; Osama remains scott free, science has been emasculated....Bozo the clown would make a better President.....could it get any worse?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Of course the real problem is the media.

Lets see now, we have a gay prostitute with multiple online full frontal posts, who, acting as a schill for the right wing is sitting in the family values white house; but the major story of the day is that Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital because he caught a flu bug. Honest to god, I actually got an MSNBC "Breaking News Alert" that Michael Jackson didn't feel well, in a time when thousands of American soldiers have been killed or maimed in a war to get Saddams weapons of mass destruction that he was planning to drop on America. Seen any of Saddams weapons of mass destruction of late? And these injured soldiers who have lost limbs, need to justify their suffering. They can't imagine they were wounded for nothing. Some sort of cognitive dissonance. Anyway we can't leave it to CNN and MSNBC and their mind numbing slow motion incessant car ads, to uncover the scandals of this atrocious administration; that has to be left to us bloggers. And this is what passes for media in this country? Drug addicted Rush Sleazeballs gal pal? Edward R. Murrow, NOT.


Blogger Fud said...

Hey what business do you have blogging? Where are your press credentials?

Who do you think you are? Christ don't you know you have to blow GW first to get a press pass!

6:57 PM

Anonymous cornbread said...

LOL fud.

6:58 PM

Anonymous cornbread said...

You're off to a nice start! Your rant about media focusing on the trivial struck a chord with me. I've practically quit trying to get news from cable and network "news" shows. I'm not sure fud is right that the "press" must blow the chimperor to get a pass. I think they do it just because they like it.

7:01 PM

Blogger Editor said...

The press is there to give bush a free ride 24/7

If you think the administration is holier than thou, then its easy for lightweights like Howard Howie Kurtz to actually defend this corrupt administration.

7:59 AM

Blogger Editor said...

Just out: Global warming is real


7:59 AM

Anonymous Bina-the-Canuck said...

Next up: the insta-wedding announcement for the Pigman and the Chicken Noodle Network's weather-goose.

9:54 AM


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