52 pre 911 warnings of an impending terrorist attack; Osama remains scott free, science has been emasculated....Bozo the clown would make a better President.....could it get any worse?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'm not a sheriff, but I play one on TV


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It is not the fault of nitwit Bush that we are in such great and irreversible damage. It is the plot by the Zionist Neo Conservatives starting with the messiah Strauss and his twelvew tribes like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bremen, Adelman, scooter Libby, Zionist Cheney, Foxman, Bremmer, doug Fyfe. R. Perle etc.
To get an idea of their horrible machinations, please download the SPAM FREE and TOTALLY FREE public domain BBC film from the directory at the Web Page appearing at:


All Americans should also watch Bill Moyer's journal wherein Rupert Murdock, Wolfowitz and Cheney, among others, when they talked about Iraq floating on oil and their preparations to colonize Iraq to ensuring that America and Israel get Iraqi oil for free or under $20 a barrel aover a year before ther build up for the Iraq war. This American Zionist plot even extended under Cheney and his cabal to include the abolition of the civil rights of all Americans (other than the twelve-tribe cabal) and disregarding the Geneva Convention so that the nitwitbush cabal can torture anbody they want, including innocent Arabs and people of dark skin and even invent 'rendition' and even implement their horrible rendition practices. And then there are the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Libby-Condy-etc outright lies. The history of American Zionists persecuting Arabs goes back to Zionist Truman whose grandfather was called Solomon. Look it up. Is it any wonder that the Arabs think America is the devil incarnate?
But now the Bush cabal is unfair to the world and, miracle of miracles, to Americans themselves. Except for obsequous Britain, Canada, Britain and the fart French under Sarcozi, no nation respects America anymore! The Neo Cons brought this crap on their own heads. But it is sad that it is the 95% poor Americans who will bear the brunt of this asinine policy by Bush and his Zionist cabal! It is not flattering to Americans that they could not see for the longest time the horrible plots by NeoCon Republicans and the ethniucally-owned news media who never questioned the daily lies of this cabal. It is time to spread the truth and let the dirt fall where it may!

These films have skirted the issue of the daily Israeli atrocities against Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular for over forty years of oppressive and inhuman occupation of their land and the illegal building of Jewish settlements on it since 1967. The films did not even call the disciples of Leo Strauss Zionists but Neo Conservatives. There are many Jews who just want Israel to accept the 1967 borders, get out of the occupied territories and live in peace with its neighbors. Americans have paid more than enough with blood and treasury for the genocidal actions of Israel. The Arab street is furious at their puppet kings and rulers for not standing up to America since 1967. Enough is already too much. How much more should America pay for naked Israeli aggression and inhumanity, especially the small fry Republicans who just got a raw deal from their Neo Cons?
America’s problems reached a crescendo with Nixon starting in 1969, followed by Ford, Reagan, G H Bush and G W Bush. They included Zionist disciples of Leo Strauss, and subsequent ones: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Don Rumsfeld, Feith, Adelman, Wm Kristol, Henry Kissinger, David Addington, Evangelist Billy Graham, Don Levy, Doug Fyfe, Dennis Rubin, P. Bremmer, Cheney, Wm. Bennett, Scooter Libby, Joseph Lieberman, William Casey (Reagan’s CIA Director), Alan Greenspan, George Allen, generals G. Casey, C. Powell, John Ashcroft, Herbert Klein, Mukaisy, Feith, Foxman, Schwartzkopf, Rupert Murdock, Fleisher, McClellan, Dennis Rubin, Bolton, Richard Armitage, Carl Rove, Andrew Card etc, etc. It was a superbly organized movement.
The Neo Con movement is composed of many groups who are either pro-Israeli Jews, in their employ or under their influence. These are:
The disciples of Leo Strauss and later Zionists.
-Presidents Truman, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, G H Bush and G W Bush and general Eisenhower. His John Foster Dallas even had the audacity to block Nasser from obtaining World Bank loans to build the Aswan dam unless he agreed to legitimize the usurpation by Israel of the 80% of Palestine that American had made possible with unprecedented military aid to Israel.
-The Zionists-sponsored and partially financed intolerant Evangelists. It was only recently that the news media, which is mostly owned by Zionists, exposed the visits by G H and G W Bush to such bigoted Evangelist Churches. These latter included such dunderheads as Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, Haggey, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Bakker, Parsley, and even the hate-filled pope John Paul II and the worse bigot, Benedict XVI, who keeps quoting some fifteenth century dork pope that Islam is a violent religion. Hello, all popes! These popes ‘apologized’ for having mistreated Protestants, Jews and Eastern Orthodox Christians. Arabs are still waiting for a belated apology from any of them for the outright holocaustic massacres of Arabs by Catholics since pope Pius XI launched the first crusades in 1098! I guess the popes' priority is the pedophile priests to prevent the thinning of their ranks by supplying them with more innocent children as sacrificial lambs!
-Conservative Republicans who would not otherwise have found employment such as: homosexual Larry Craig, fornicating newt Gingrich, corrupt Tom Delay, Congressman Ney, a dime-a-dozen Republican pedophile Senators and Congressmen, Senator Stevens of Alaska, Dennis Hastert, Trent Lott, Jesse Helms,bigot Strom Thurman, womanizing Juliani-Livingston-G H Bush (and his escapades with the American ambassadress in Switzerland), Fleisher, McClellan, Tony Snow, Congressman Fosella who had a baby out of wedlock and others who profited greatly from Zionists such as generals G. Casey, Collin Powell, Meyers, Abi Zaid, Tom Franks, Brent Scrowcroft, Ashcroft, Paul Bremmer, characterless Yoo (appointed Legal Counsel in the politicized Justice Dept) who argued that the president is above the law, disgraced Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, and people without scruples like Hans Blix and David Kay who lied to the world by never forthrightly saying that Saddam never had any WMD-s. It is only now that erstwhile ‘loyal’ Bush henchmen are declaring Bush is a liar.
The Jew-owned or Zionist-controlled news media have never disclosed that Bush and his Zionist clique have deficit-spent America into the spittoon. They don’t mention that Bush financed the Iraqi and Afghan wars with ‘supplemental spending’, in violation of the Constitution. The cost of an on-going war must be included in the Federal budget. Look how they glossed over the atrocities that Bush’s cabal committed in Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan, hiring murderous ‘private’ security soldiers so they would be answerable to nobody (like Blackwater) and committing genocides all over the world. Imperial America installed its own men directly in Iraq in the ‘provisional governments’ like generals G. Casey, Zionist Czar Paul Bremmer, Crocker, Odierno, Petraeus etc. Then they installed CIA collaborators like Ahmad Chalabi, Hakim, Iyyad Alawi etc and the ethnically owned media sang their praises. As for Bush’s domestic Zionist policies and his gifts to the party faithful (the rich), earmarks, sub-prime lending, disregarding scientific reports on global warming, re-writing the Surgeon General’s reports, allowing deplorable conditions at Walter Reed etc- it is only now that we hear of them. Bush does not even know that Zionists have abandoned him. The news media ballyhooed Bush’s capture of ‘Arab’ terrorist cells’ in Michigan and Florida that were nothing more than innocent people taking pictures of the fun times they were having. All of them were released without being charge. It is the American public that will be paying for the follies of Bush’s Zionist cabal.
I would not be surprised if this cabal carried out the 9/11/2001 attack on the twin World Trade Center towers! I saw a British documentary of two French photographers who were ostensibly documenting the daily lives of firefighters in New York City. It was simply the coincidental coincidence that they chose a firehouse right next to the towers and thus got excellent footage of a plane flying into one of them! Other scenes in the movie are puzzling. One of these was the actual collapse of one of the towers in a pan-cake fashion. You could clearly see one floor neatly collapsing in a perfectly horizontal fashion onto the floor below after the momentary flaring of lights and their going out in order, left to right, floor by floor, top to bottom. The more logical explanation is that the buildings were rigged for a controlled implosion. In a huge floor area, it is very unusual to have a uniform collapse. It should have been more random and it would not be lights that would be captured on film but thick dust and structural members with jagged projections everywhere. If the lights on any floor flash, then all the lights would have been snuffed out together immediately.
The problems America faces today are severe: universal health care, conversion to the metric system of measurements and weights, replacing aging roads, bridges and infra-structure such as electrical-steam-telephone-sewage-gas-water-storm-refineries and other utility lines, loss of industrial capacity and knowledge, sub-standard education, replacing military hardware, eutrophication of lakes, environmental pollution, finding jobs for returning veterans, providing continuing care for physically and mentally crippled soldiers, rebuilding an economy that has been depleted by the Neo Cons, and reversing the Republican destruction of the ecology. Have we not paid enough for murderous Israel? But the biggest problem of all is oil.
Oil makes up 70% of our needs. This includes transportation, plastics (such as your TV, computer, dishware, furniture, clothing, shoes, tires etc), the energy needed to run the plants that produce them in a climate-controlled building and even fertilizer itself. America cannot do without oil, and substitutes just won’t work. America is spread out over 3,615,123 sq mi (not counting its dependencies) for its 300 million people. Before Neo Con Republicans destroyed the American way of life starting with part Jew Harry Truman, many people owned both a home and a summerhouse. To visit his child, a person would have to traverse over 4,000 miles. Except for a few large cities, public transportation is non-existent. Americans are extravagant. It is not unusual for a family to have three cars, at least one of which is a gas guzzling SUV. Consider that a European generates about ½ lb of garbage/day to the 9 lbs of an American. To the great amount of energy needed to produce the containers, add the energy to dispose of the waste. America is way behind other countries in the development of alternative energy sources. Being an imperial superpower demands titanic amounts of energy not only in building and maintaining its 600 or so bases around the world, but also in the constant supply of armaments and building ever more lethal weapons systems. But America can no longer sustain its own energy basic needs.
Americans are superficial. Take Paul McCartney who is now Americanized. To show that he cares for a ‘green Earth’, he had a hybrid Toyota SUV flown in from Japan. To start with, you are wasting a lot more energy in running a hybrid. First, you are constantly carrying some 500 extra lbs in batteries in addition to the internal combustion engine. The batteries need to be charged one to three times a day. The electricity comes from fossil-burning plants. In addition you are converting reciprocating energy at the power station to electricity and then back to mechanical through the electric motors that run a hybrid. Excess electricity is wasted because you cannot store it. You also need bigger dynamos and sturdier frames. Batteries are short-lived because of the use of acids on a series of plates, which process produces a base which residue base is returned to the plates via the reverse electricity generated by the dynamo. In other words, you also need to replace the batteries every five years or sooner. A battery uses electricity to start the engine and a dynamo then uses rotating energy in a magnetic field to re-charge it. But the greatest hypocrisy is that transporting the car by plane used three times more energy than the car is supposed to save over its lifetime!
In alienating every oil-producing country in the world on a wild gamble that zionist Neo Cons would colonize Iraq and steal its oil as stated by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rupert Murdock and the 12 tribes backfired. Bush alienated Venezuela, Indonesia, Sudan, Nigeria, Russia, Iraq, all the Arab countries, Bolivia, Iran etc. The Zionists have unwittingly driven the last nail in the coffin of American imperialism. The cost of the war (over $4 trillion, 4,100 dead and 300,000 severely crippled or traumatized, twice as many men and materiel for the allies and the ‘civilian armies’, not to mention the deaths of over 1,000,000 innocent Iraqis) will haunt USA. Today, most ethnic Neo Cons are criticizing Bush for his ill-advised policy of invading Iraq which they themselves had forced on him. To add insult to injury to the Arab street, Bush flew to Israel to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, while ignoring the continued Israeli occupation and daily killing of poor Palestinians, not to mention the continued building of Jewish settlements on Arab land.
And, the hardships for America have only just begun.

9:54 AM


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